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Imagineering Education / University

Our solutions for college and university students

Discover the products that allow students to take a step towards working with technology professionally, extend their knowledge and learn important industry skills within engineering, mechatronics, data processing, and the Internet of Things.

AGES 17+


Featuring cutting-edge technology, this kit is a practical, hands-on learning tool that helps students develop key engineering skills, and learn core aspects of mechatronics and Matlab and Simulink programming.

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AGES 16+


Get started with the Internet of Things! Learn how to collect, store, and visualize data, build remotely controlled applications, and improve everyday life with smart devices.

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AGES 16+

Fundamentals exam

Arduino Fundamentals is an online exam that provides official certification on your knowledge of Arduino related electronics, programming and physical computing.

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AGES 14+


Get your school to code online and create IoT projects using the Web Editor and IoT Cloud on Chrome OS devices with Arduino Create Chrome App plan.

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